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15-05-2007 13:58:03



15-05-2007 14:01:07

[b5574648a8b] To ensure NO cheating we have various users looking out for cheaters. Be care ful who you ask to cheat, you will be caught.[/b5574648a8b]


15-05-2007 14:24:41

page cannot be found!


15-05-2007 14:24:42

The link doesn't work.


15-05-2007 14:26:46

Re read the post, I edited it to prevent cheating!

GetStuff4Free Admin

15-05-2007 14:30:57

Can you take out the "Complete this offer" part )


15-05-2007 14:32:14

no more offers for me lishrugli


15-05-2007 14:33:03

[quotec432249aff="melissaaa"]Can you take out the "Complete this offer" part )[/quotec432249aff]

Yeah, that would be nice. )


15-05-2007 14:33:20

If we took it out, then we cant offer any prizes! You can AIM us to do a combo of No CC offers! Or PM us.


15-05-2007 15:49:36

I can't log in with my user name and pw using that link (


15-05-2007 16:03:11

yeah not working


15-05-2007 16:24:44

[quote5d5ef0629e]Before you can view the riddle, you must enter so you do not get a head start. You will then be given a user name and password to enter. [/quote5d5ef0629e]

It means you must do your offer(s) before you can enter. So you do not get a head start and get to the end, and then do the offer(s)


15-05-2007 19:41:57

I can't get my credits for doing the offers that I did and you want me to play a game?


16-05-2007 11:53:09

[quoteff8100d4bc="rolloffdvr"]I can't get my credits for doing the offers that I did and you want me to play a game?[/quoteff8100d4bc]

This is a promotion for everyone to win $200 and get free referrals.


17-05-2007 13:45:19

Does anyone have any feedback on why you may not one to complete it.

How many would like us to change it to one No CC offer for an entry with smaller prizes per group?


17-05-2007 14:45:23

I'd be up to enter if it were like that.