question on offers

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11-05-2007 12:33:04

It said on allforone.yourgiftsfree that you can do 1 shopping essentials offer, 1 passport to fun offer, 1 at home rewards offer, etc.

I know all these sites look extremely similar, but they are supposed to be different, right? The first offer I did from this "style" of site was Valuemax, and I went green quickly. However, the next one I tried was privacy matters 1-2-3 on, and after I put in all my information it said that my request couldn't be processed, and to contact customer support. I did nothing, forgot about it, and filled out another offer. However, later that day I got credit for privacy matters.

I assume this happened because each of these sites also signs you up for savingsmart, and it probably registers it on savingsmart as a duplicate.

Here is my question. I just did at home rewards, passport to fun, and shopping essentials on allforone.yourgiftfree and all of them said that my request couldn't be processed. Will they still show up within a day like privacy matters 1-2-3 did on

I hope this makes sense. Thanks.


11-05-2007 12:55:25

The same thing happened with me saying my card couldn't be processed but I was still signed up and charged on my credit card for them and I also received credit for them.