A strange thing happened....

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10-05-2007 21:45:44

This afternoon I went to allforone.ygf and one of my ref's that had been GREEN for some time, suddenly was being displayed as not doing any offers at all?

not sure what is up with that...

also I do not know if my ref's do not follow directions or if this site has crediting problems.
04/24/07 email==jhfghjghfjgghj@hotmail.comjhfghjghfjgghj@hotmail.com=jhfghjghfjgghj@hotmail.comjhfghjghfjgghj@hotmail.com/email Offer Requirements Met!
04/24/07 email==lghjjjjjjjjfgjgfji@earthlink.netlghjjjjjjjjfgjgfji@earthlink.net=lghjjjjjjjjfgjgfji@earthlink.netlghjjjjjjjjfgjgfji@earthlink.net/email 0.5 Credits Completed
04/25/07 email==fgjghgggjfjgfjh@hotmail.comfgjghgggjfjgfjh@hotmail.com=fgjghgggjfjgfjh@hotmail.comfgjghgggjfjgfjh@hotmail.com/email 0.75 Credits Completed
05/01/07 email==fghhhgjhhjhjfghjgfh@aol.comfghhhgjhhjhjfghjgfh@aol.com=fghhhgjhhjhjfghjgfh@aol.comfghhhgjhhjhjfghjgfh@aol.com/email 0 Credits Completed
05/02/07 email==fgjfhgjfgjgggggh@yahoo.comfgjfhgjfgjgggggh@yahoo.com=fgjfhgjfgjgggggh@yahoo.comfgjfhgjfgjgggggh@yahoo.com/email 0.25 Credits Completed
05/09/07 email==fghjfghj@gggggpeoplepc.comfghjfghj@gggggpeoplepc.com=fghjfghj@gggggpeoplepc.comfghjfghj@gggggpeoplepc.com/email 0.75 Credits Completed
05/10/07 email==fghjfghjjhgggggg@gmail.comfghjfghjjhgggggg@gmail.com=fghjfghjjhgggggg@gmail.comfghjfghjjhgggggg@gmail.com/email 0 Credits Completed

only 2 of 6 had been credited until today when my signup on 5/01/07 suddenly changed ? now only 1 of 6. I am concerned..


10-05-2007 21:56:13

You need to open up a support ticket if you haven't already..which I'm sure you already knew..heh...

Good luck, I hope you get it worked out!!


11-05-2007 04:07:58

This is an error and it meas they cashed out, when you go to order it will be back.


11-05-2007 05:24:31

YourGiftsFree that answers part of my problem....thanks

yes support ticket opened...
awaiting reply on that!


11-05-2007 11:34:38

Same thing happened with me - the person I did the site for sent me a PM saying that I was green when she paid me and now I'm not. I opened a support ticket asking YGF to reset my account. Waiting for a response...