2 Credit offer = ?

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07-05-2007 14:55:42

I'm considering offering somebody a ref for ref trade, something I don't do much anymore since I don't have many offers I'm interested in anymore.

The offer I am considering doing would be the iDish Network 2 credit offer. My question is since it is a 2 credit offer and if I ask nicely can it count as my offer plus one of my referrals or something like that? I only ask because your site specifically lists it as a two credit offer.

I'm not expecting some kind of point - referral hybrid site here. I just have to ask since you could have listed it as just a 1 credit offer but you didn't so I want to know if it means anything like some kind of bonus.



07-05-2007 19:55:36


The 2 credit value only affects you if you are on the Plasmas2 or VideoGames site.


09-05-2007 00:42:36

So the Plasmas2 requires referrals to get 2.0 credits for the green? That would make sense since it requires less referrals than plasmas1.


09-05-2007 03:48:01

Correct, it is $80 per referral.