Still not Crediting

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29-03-2007 13:25:59

We all know that the site owners cannot rush their affiliates and crediting is out of your hands, but how lonk is too long? I have done Himalaya tea on supplements on 2/12 - it is now over 6 weeks since offer was completed. Don't the affiliates have some obligation to credit in a timely manner. I heard crediting issues were going to be better after your site was down. I was so excited about the new promotions and camera site, but I may just give up- this is frustrating.


29-03-2007 13:31:25

did you follow the rules from here on full headers for the confirmation email? If not it can slow the process down big time.



29-03-2007 13:35:50

Yeah - YGF say they are just waiting to hear - I have done a few manual credits and they never took this long!!


29-03-2007 13:44:32

Unfortunately since it is on the old affiliates, we wont have the good crediting with th old manuals as we have now. All I can do is keep asking them which I am, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.


29-03-2007 13:47:10

Thanks for answering my thread though.


03-04-2007 10:06:26

Just keeping you posted - almost another week and still no word!


03-04-2007 16:44:57

PM me your e-mail for further information


05-04-2007 07:30:45

PM sent with info 4/4/06