ATTENTION: Security Issue - All Members Read This

Live forum:


10-03-2007 13:12:20

Alright, I know most members received thousands of emails from the YGF server and it just so happened to have most members names. I understand the security issue with this and I apologize sincerely, it was a problem with one of the messaging systems we are using. Please post any concerns/questions here. Once again, we are working to fix the problem immediately and for now just blame it on me.


10-03-2007 13:53:40

It has been fixed.


10-03-2007 14:03:59

I didn't have any problem, I've got only message with apologies )


10-03-2007 14:06:45

Good. I tried to cut the script off before it went through all 8 million users )


10-03-2007 14:26:16

I only got the "i'm sorry email" )


10-03-2007 14:38:32

this is why there exists fakemail[=http//]fakemail


10-03-2007 14:41:53

I only got the im sorry email. nice job cuttin it short Jams.


10-03-2007 16:20:52

I got 175+ emails but that's ok, that's why the delete button is there! lol


10-03-2007 17:07:03

[quoteaf435f6c52="Admin"]this is why there exists fakemail[=http//]fakemail[/quoteaf435f6c52]

it had to retrieve email from the FSRevolution databases so sadly it wouldnt work