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20-02-2007 13:22:34

I just wanted everyone to know that YourGiftsFree is a great network. All you have to do is take a little time to read the TOS, and remember to clear your cookies to have a great YGF experience. I am posting this because there are many newbies who don't fully read the rules and immediately blame it on YGF.

I have completed an offer (or two) on every site listed below and I have only not received credit 1 time. ONE time... out of over a dozen offers. [bf0f1a4e629] Payment has arrived on time, every time.... besides the times that he send it EARLY![/bf0f1a4e629]

I don't know if it's bad luck, or if people need to set their internet settings correctly http//[/sizef0f1a4e629] ... but I haven't had ANY problems with YGF. Support is always online, and accounts are approved within 24 hours. Great if you ask me!

I have completed the following sites. - $100 - $150 - $560 - $30

and I am almost done with these sites - (3/5) - (2/5) - (4/5)

Completed offer on, but not pursuing


20-02-2007 15:09:40

Thank you, and congrats )