My positive Experience with Your Gifts Free

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20-02-2007 12:25:00

I just want to post a little brag thread. I just wanted to say that I am a big fan of the games.yourgiftsfree site (that is the points one). I've just received my second custom order in the mail. The offers credit quickly, the prizes are sent quickly, and the admin is easy to work with when doing custom orders. I just thought with all the negative "i got banned" or "credit revoked" threads I would post about my positive experience.


20-02-2007 12:34:09

Congradulations. I wish i could be posting a brag thread like this, but i have had several offers not credit so i havent gotten paid.


20-02-2007 12:42:37

I never heard of a positive experience from the YourGiftsFree network. O_O

Congratulations. << correct spelling of the word, fastfire667. D

Nahh...YGF is THE BEST network out there. D


20-02-2007 15:07:57

Congrats Steve!

Fastfire, as soon as you click and offer the crediting is OUT of our control. We are changing affiliates, so they can have better crediting soon!