YGF not sending payments when suppose to??

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20-02-2007 12:16:44

so... ygf says they ship on Fridays and Monday.... Friday morning i was told on aim that i was going to get payment late Friday nite.... then i asked on Saturday wut the story was, he said Monday... Sunday night he said ill ship tomorrow (ok i guess thats tomorrow...monday?) wrong.... yesterday(did no receive payment) today - Tuesday, hes not online so no way to contact him... any tips or help?


20-02-2007 12:20:04

well, maybe this helps http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=54538


20-02-2007 13:18:27

gotcha thanks.... so from that i guess hes working on things and falling behind... im still a little upset he told me two different
days, and havent gotten my payment on either of them

thanks for ur help tho