Problem placing order

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31-01-2007 10:42:36

About a week ago I placed an order at YGF. The order was denied

[quote4bc433c8a3]Your order was denied because one of your referrals has been placed on hold, which lowered your amount of completed referrals below the prize requirements. If you obtain another referral who completes the requirements, or your referral's hold is removed, your order will automatically be re-submitted.[/quote4bc433c8a3]

I've replaced the dead referral. Is there anything else I need to do or will it take care of itself?


31-01-2007 11:45:38

Send in a support ticket or PM me your e-mail address.


31-01-2007 12:40:29



31-01-2007 13:13:45

Fixed )