Really hate what I did to YGF.

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26-01-2007 19:23:58

When I found out flyersman was still alive and running a freebie site I wanted to rip his head off, I wanted revenge for what he did to me in 2005. After speaking to him on AIM he seems like a cool guy and wanted to pay me or give me a green on his site, But I forgave him for what he did. I really hope he did change and I wish him luck and success. Peace.


26-01-2007 19:39:58

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26-01-2007 20:03:57

I wanna rip someone elses head off.. someone stole my bank debit card number and started shopping with it.. but after posting this and forgiving YGF, some how god saw it and gave me my money back so I can buy food and pay my rent next month.

01/26/2007 DEBIT CARD PROVISIONAL CREDIT +$784.38 $222.01
01/26/2007 liOVERDRAFT CHARGE -$32.00 ($562.37)
01/25/2007 CAPITAL ONE ONLINE PMT xxx -$26.00 ($530.37)
01/24/2007 liOVERDRAFT CHARGE -$32.00 ($504.37)
01/24/2007 liOVERDRAFT CHARGE -$32.00 ($472.37)
01/23/2007 HOME DEPOT ONLINE PMT 0000
01/23/2007 MC-OFFICE DEPOT xxx NAPLES -$784.38 ($340.37)


26-01-2007 20:11:51

Obviously YGF stole your debit card. shock


26-01-2007 20:24:30

[quote86481fcbf5="ilanbg"]Obviously YGF stole your debit card. shock[/quote86481fcbf5]

shock roll oops lol


27-01-2007 21:38:48

You should be able to find out who that was very easily as a private investigator.


28-01-2007 11:42:34

[quotebdcec26e75="bballp6699"]You should be able to find out who that was very easily as a private investigator.[/quotebdcec26e75]