Request denied.

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23-01-2007 22:12:07

I did everything I was supposed to do. When I didn't get credit on nocreditcard for doing the offer, I sent the request in with all the header info of the email, and it was denied. I used my real info. Is there a specific reason this happened?


24-01-2007 01:40:57

you have to wait 7 days before requesting credit because it may still credit in the next few days. This happened to me.


24-01-2007 06:22:16

So why can't they tell me to wait, and request again later, not just deny me?


24-01-2007 06:26:01

Because he expects people to know these things-- Just wait it out my friend.


24-01-2007 09:08:35

[quote34a49ef749="jonohull"]So why can't they tell me to wait, and request again later, not just deny me?[/quote34a49ef749]

It's just the way it's setup. If you're gonna be doing these freebie sites then you're just gonna have to have patience and follow THEIR rules. Most sites do the same thing.

Be sure to read their TOS (Terms of Service) and FAQs if they have one.


Rick aka CorpRebel 8)

P.S. YGF's customer service has been excellent as far as I'm concerned. wink


24-01-2007 11:29:06

Thanks for the advice. Maybe I was a little too quick on the credit request trigger, but I did wait for quite a bit after the time for auto-credit expired.


24-01-2007 12:34:37

Ive had the same problem getting credit on a supposed instant credit and he said to wait 7 days and todays day 7 so i will make another request cry


24-01-2007 14:19:50

I made several requests, past 7 days after, filled out everything as I was supposed to, and STILL got denied credit....Thought that was kind of odd....


24-01-2007 14:35:48

It must be because of the headers. PM me your e-mail.