YGF & 123: The True Story

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23-01-2007 02:30:41

I've noticed a number of posts referring to a situation with YGF as a user on our network. There has been a lot of inaccurate information as to what actually happened and I'd like to clear it up.

1) YGF has not been banned from our network.

2) There was a user who was placed on hold on our radio site on June 7, 2006, because the user's full name was not entered. We told that user we would take him off hold after he confirmed his ID (he never did confirm his ID). That same day we received an email from the admin at YGF asking why his account was on hold, but we had no one registered on our entire network with that email.

3) We were contacted in November by fgr_admin who told us he was investigating potential fraud by YGF. He asked us to check if we had any matches for information he supplied to us. We found three users who had street addresses that were close to what he gave us and those users all had patterns of IP addresses that suggested they were associated with each other.

4) We forwarded the information to TSJ in November with an explanation that we suspected these users were really YGF, but that we couldn't prove it.

5) We have no personal agenda regarding YGF (or any other user). Fraud is a big problem in this business and we routinely share information with forum admins and other site owners in an attempt to identify and reduce fraud. It is worth mentioning that it is common for us to reply that a user in question has done nothing suspicious.

Our only intention posting this here is to correct the inaccurate posts and set the record straight.



23-01-2007 17:51:54

Thank you for the clarification Dave, I know I appreciate as I'm tired of repeating myself over and over again.