any offers that i should stay away from?

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19-01-2007 17:04:47

like... that don't credit consistently? or not instantly? or not at all? thanks


19-01-2007 17:22:48

Well, yourgiftsfree has excellent crediting and if you don't get credit you can always file for manual credit


19-01-2007 17:27:05

I never got credit for curbyourcravings...and i submitted for manual but i think that i did it

But besides that ive had great crediting. Some of the instants take up to a couple hours, so dont worry if they dont credit instantly. Just make sure that you clear your cookies inbetween offers if you are going to complete multiple ones, its the best way to assure that youll get your green.


19-01-2007 18:53:24

Yeah their manual crediting is definately fast. After waiting a month for Trainn to deny my request, I'm starting to drift away from just being a purely Trainn user. If you use gmail, use the "Print" button on the email so you can copy and paste all the headers and date info in.


19-01-2007 19:16:55

don't do BMG, they will not give you credit.