every time I try to sign in I get an error

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17-01-2007 12:12:03

Every time I try to log in I get this error

Fatal error Call to a member function hasNewMessage() on a non-object in /home/yourgift/domains/yourgiftsfree.com/public_html/classes/site.class.php on line 292

It's making it difficult to do anything and I am trying to get a support ticket done because I didn't get credit for one of the offers I completed for gifts.yourgiftsfree.com



17-01-2007 12:14:06

the sites might be down. they have their own forums here. You can post there.


17-01-2007 12:21:38

They are up. This came with the script update, just told the coder. Clear your cookies and login.


17-01-2007 12:33:12

Hey PM me your e-mail