YourGiftsFree sites down?

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02-01-2007 11:33:51

I just tried to log on to my supplements.yourgiftsfree and the page wasn't there, I also tried a couple of the other YGF sites as well as the YGF main page and none of them will load. Is anyone else having this problem?


02-01-2007 12:08:51

yeah not loading for me and i need to green for someone today! AHHHHHHH


02-01-2007 15:51:57

It's up now, I don't know why it was down (if it was at all)


02-01-2007 18:09:36

Hmm I had no idea. I'll ask for more info from the host.


02-01-2007 18:25:41

It was firewall issues the host had. Just making the site run smoother )