Non-CC.ygf shipments?

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dj beta ice

27-11-2006 16:33:35

When are the shipments going out for the $50?


27-11-2006 16:35:33

He ships out every Monday and Friday. So I presume you'll get your money sometime tonight.


27-11-2006 16:36:55


dj beta ice

27-11-2006 16:42:07

cool, thanks


27-11-2006 19:45:51

You should see it tommorow!


28-11-2006 16:36:00

Ok so i submitted for my offer and then waiting for approval once I get approved i will be paid the following monday or friday which ever comes first that is awesome


May be stupid question but figured I would ask I know you can do the NOCC site twice - Can I transfer my referrals that did not complete from one account to the other


28-11-2006 16:59:56

No, you cant transfer.