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20-11-2006 15:51:30

heyy i was just wondering, how do you sign up for YGF if you live in canada? you have to select a [icd06718359]state[/icd06718359] and a [icd06718359]zip[/icd06718359] code. theres no canada option either. but in the TOS it says it is open to people in canada.. thanks.


20-11-2006 16:01:19

Try to send it all in the address field then make a ticket with your address


20-11-2006 16:08:03

ok thanks for the quick reply! i will try that.
EDIT sorry, im new to all this, but i have to ask, what do you mean by ticket?


20-11-2006 16:13:51

Click the support tab and youll see it )


20-11-2006 16:15:10

ok, thanks loads for your great help! D
EDIT hahaha! another problem! im really sorry about this.. but i guess i dont automatically know everything. its probably pretty obvious.. but i looked all over the site and i cant find the support tab. lol


20-11-2006 16:21:10

Well if your signed up login and youll see tabs syaing staus offers etc and lookfor one that say Support.


20-11-2006 16:24:10

ooo thanks. but the problem is i cant sign up because i get this error
You must choose a state! You must enter a 5-digit zip code!


20-11-2006 16:25:12

Choose any state, send the full address in the address field and for zip put 00000 and then send the ticket.


20-11-2006 16:25:47

ok. thanks so much. i will do that. i just couldnt miss signing up on this site, it seems like the best one out there. congrats. D


20-11-2006 16:28:55

Thanks!! D


21-11-2006 21:53:28

Haha talk about confusion... lol Glad to hear it's resolved.


04-12-2006 19:06:08

Do you think you could change the site so that I don't have to enter false information to sign up as a Canadian? Too many people have run into problems because of entering false info on Freebie sites.

The first thing in your TOS is [quotea8f1e5bd3c]1. All users must provide 100% accurate information.[/quotea8f1e5bd3c]

Also, why do the FAQ and About Us sections have nothing but a link to the promo thread? It's very confusing, I wanted to find out about the site (TOS) and that info isn't on the main page anywhere, unless you go to a specific freebie.


04-12-2006 19:13:07


The FAQ and about us are being done and will be put up soon. The promo image is there because its a footer and on every page. I'll edit that to make it clear for Canadians. The TOS and privacy policy will be included in the FAQ and about us section.

Thanks for the ideas!