Major Announcement on NoCreditCard Payments

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18-11-2006 10:29:46


Some people when they hear this may understand, some may be very angry, but its best for the business. If you or your refs mostly did the "Structured Settlement Alliance" offer on our NoCreditCard site after October 31st then you will not receive your payment till December 11th. Basically if you or your ref mostly did that offer in the month of November you wont get payment till Dec 11th. This is because A GREAT AMOUNT (Larger then you may think) of commissions for November is coming from them. Some people might've used fake info. So I cant afford to lose around 18K for the month. I'm not saying they will be revoked but i cant risk it. If you have any questions contact me.



29-11-2006 20:31:04

ok so i requested yesterday and i can expect the $100 on December 11th

Can I start my second one before I get paid for the 1st account


29-11-2006 20:50:22

I don't believe you can, but confirm it with YGF first.


30-11-2006 03:57:59

No, once you get paid.


12-12-2006 16:14:48

[quotefff77ac3af="YourGiftsFree"]No, once you get paid.[/quotefff77ac3af]

Ok do u know when we will be paid lol


12-12-2006 16:20:26

Around December 20th.