I will be gone Tommorow.

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15-11-2006 16:08:27

Camping out for the PS3! Offers should credit just no support.


15-11-2006 16:15:25

Scammer. P Ya. Good luck! D


16-11-2006 03:48:46

Ok, I wont. Bunch of BS happend last night. I'll be here.


16-11-2006 04:02:36



17-11-2006 10:11:17

I got one YGF, I will sell it to you for a small profit for me waiting in line, lol. God what a horrible two days that was...never again.


17-11-2006 10:12:59

hehe how much


17-11-2006 13:46:12

Hey care to explain what happened? The news here said someone in i think Kentucky got shot and like 15 people got a arrested.


17-11-2006 14:10:28

Oh nothing bad like that.

Just walmartt told me they HAVE 10 and line starts at 7 am. So I planned to go at 4 AM (24 hour walmart) I went at 1030 PM to check it out and scout and there was a line of 8 people already and when i taked to the manager he said they dont have any and dont think they will have any so i shouldnt waste my time. Then i call and they say they just got some and then the line is full.


17-11-2006 14:53:05

YGF - Im in negotiation with another FIPG person you know, lol why am I telling you I told ya on AIM P

My 24 hour Wal-Mart didnt get their shipment until Thursday and they didnt know exactly how many until they got there. Their initial claim was 6/3 but it changed to 8/4