Canceling approval?

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12-11-2006 17:07:08

I just sent for approval on giftcards.ygf, but I've just changed my mind and now I want to get some more refs.

Is it possible to cancel the approval and go back to getting refs again?


12-11-2006 18:08:55

Just tell mewhen to approve it and i will.


12-11-2006 18:12:56

I've already applied for approval, though.


12-11-2006 18:15:43

Its fine, I wont review it till you tell me too. You can continue getting refs.


12-11-2006 20:46:11

The more referrals you get the better for YourGiftsFree ;)!


12-11-2006 20:58:59

Yes but lots of other scumbags woulda said, ehhh ur loss.


12-11-2006 21:01:02

yep he did the same thing for me, but it was because he is sexy. lol.


13-11-2006 17:41:31

...So I just got the payment for my one referral.

What do I do?


13-11-2006 18:17:29

Oh shoot my bad ilan. You can choose. Refund it and ill reset your account, or keep it and tell me when your ready to order and ill send more.


13-11-2006 18:42:44

I think it would just be easier to keep it for now, and order some more when I get more refs.

This won't effect my cash/ref ratio payout, will it?


13-11-2006 18:47:31

Wont affect it at all.


18-11-2006 12:14:38

Do you think I can continue to get and cashout refs? For example, I have $40 to put to getting refs; could I get one ref and cash out another $40, then put that to getting two more refs, etc? Or do I need to get them all together and make one large cashout?


18-11-2006 12:24:40

You can only do one large cashout. At least, that's what I've been told by YGF when I asked him that same question. ;)


18-11-2006 12:27:46

Yea one cashout, so just get all your refs and then cashout. But you cando more then one site on our network ;)