How much is a Ref at No-cc?

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27-10-2006 05:56:13

Ok I was wondering cus it doesnt look like any set amount.... Lets say I wanted paypal... the 300 for 28 refs is only 10.7 a ref. Then if I wanted a 360... which sells for 400(Am I right?), it is 16 a ref. YGF is it possible to be able to get 16 a ref for everything on here? Such as paypal cus thats what I am prolly going for.


27-10-2006 07:58:58

Yeah, you just have to ask him. I think it is 11 dollars a ref. If I remember correctly.


27-10-2006 11:50:52

It depends what you go for. The 360 is a special and is only for that.