no credit card down?

Live forum:


15-10-2006 09:40:47

Your License is Invalid
Scenarios for Invalid License
1) Possible Typo of license number provided
2) Trying to use the script without a valid license

If you feel that this error is invalid, please contact the software vendor.


15-10-2006 10:09:10

Its back, that was for about 5 minutes. I think FSR was doing something with his script but its fine now.


15-10-2006 10:36:01

actually that happens everytime i click on the link at AIM, like, i click on it at aim and it gives me that, so i just type in my browser and it works


15-10-2006 12:56:32

I'll alk to FSR.

FreeEnterprize Joe

15-10-2006 13:18:07

try it without the 'www' it should work then.


15-10-2006 20:55:06

ya it does but it still does this sometimes (or did this AM) when i used my ref link


16-10-2006 04:03:41

Ill talk to FSR thanks!