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13-10-2006 18:42:00

anyone got paidout yet? i hope it comes through baby!!


13-10-2006 18:45:22

I sent them 2 days ago so most likely we will go back to the regular dates, mondays and fridays.


13-10-2006 18:51:24

but you toldme that payouts were gonna be today...=/ can we talk on AIM? i was the one that kept bugging u my AIM is dizwunaznboi06 lol...i hope u can help me out...=/ i have a group of friends coming down and this was gonna be my bankroll..and you told me payout was tonight =)


13-10-2006 19:11:02

I believe I told you from tonight-monday. No definite.


13-10-2006 19:12:07

DiZwUnaZnbOi06 (15201 PM) hi
YourGiftsFree (15208 PM) Hi
DiZwUnaZnbOi06 (15221 PM) thanks for answering my tickets
DiZwUnaZnbOi06 (15222 PM) =)
DiZwUnaZnbOi06 (15224 PM) but is ID on?
DiZwUnaZnbOi06 (15224 PM) =/
YourGiftsFree (15245 PM) idle
DiZwUnaZnbOi06 (15251 PM) omg..
DiZwUnaZnbOi06 (15252 PM) =/
DiZwUnaZnbOi06 (15257 PM) when r u paying out 2day
YourGiftsFree (15309 PM) Nighttime
DiZwUnaZnbOi06 (15316 PM) what time est?
DiZwUnaZnbOi06 (15321 PM) like 5?
YourGiftsFree (15328 PM) 9 EST

..... =/
can we talk about this on AIM? maybe we can work something out...damn i got my hopes up..


13-10-2006 19:14:08

If I could payout every night I would, but cards get maxed. If you read the rest of the conversation it says from tonight-monday doesnt it? Since I payed out 2 days ago. When im home ill show you.


13-10-2006 19:15:35

actually no it IM box is stil open from our conversation...but i dont wanna post it up. i can email you if u want...if you said friday-monday i really wouldnt be bugging this much, its just that i was depending on this payout...i hope we can work something out? when will you be home?


13-10-2006 19:18:24

Im almost positive i told you today-monday. Ill be home late tonight


13-10-2006 19:19:09