A Little YourGIftsFree Downtime

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12-10-2006 19:53:18

YourGiftsFree will experience a little downtime, hopefully no longer than tomorrow afternoon. It seems during the update our host turned of PEAR usage (google if you have questions) so we are contacting them as we speak. Sorry for any inconveniences. Once again, we have all information and orders that were in processing or are processing will proceed as planned.

Thank You,


12-10-2006 19:57:07

Also, as I said in another thread.

[quote8694e6079d] Seems the host took off this PEAR module we need for the script. I wouldnt know why but me and Joe (Jams44) were trying to fix this. We will keep you updated. Since all this Downtime in the past days I will have another riddlle thing like I did awhile ago )[/quote8694e6079d]


12-10-2006 20:08:09



12-10-2006 20:11:12

G-d dammit YGF. Every time I'm going to get referrals, your site goes down. You big fat juicy scammer. ^_^



12-10-2006 20:39:16

We are back, without the updates.

I had the host restore a FTP backup. No data will be lost.