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11-10-2006 11:51:35

You are not online, and I do not know when you will be but trouble is back.

Ct Tiphareth hi
Ct Tiphareth want to see ygf go down right now
ThatBoyNamedDrew no
ThatBoyNamedDrew i dont think that would be wise
ThatBoyNamedDrew thats an extra charge
ThatBoyNamedDrew on you
Ct Tiphareth you think i would sign up on igf
Ct Tiphareth ygfli
Ct Tiphareth with my real info?
ThatBoyNamedDrew lol
ThatBoyNamedDrew so your name isnt eric?
ThatBoyNamedDrew and your old aim name isnt mudv4yne?
Ct Tiphareth no
Ct Tiphareth are you really that silly? LOL
[b28b6d024d8]Ct Tiphareth ygf will be down all night
Ct Tiphareth mark words.[/b28b6d024d8]
ThatBoyNamedDrew alright
ThatBoyNamedDrew will do

Just so you know.


11-10-2006 11:54:18

No worries. Hes tried and failed already. <don't tell him how to do it, silly (doylnea was here)>.


11-10-2006 11:56:41

Im tired of the site going down. I submitted for approval 2 weeks ago and nothing is getting done. I would like to get my prize without having to worry about what this script kiddie is going to do next.


11-10-2006 11:59:30

All orders have been reviewed so you are either approved and will be shipped tonight or it got denied.


11-10-2006 13:33:16

i assume u are still working on manual credits )

hope this kid doesnt make ur site go down again for your sake!


11-10-2006 13:38:45

Manuals as always.

This guy wont take it down, he tried already.


11-10-2006 14:32:48

Well I cant even check because DIY is down. You also havent asked for my PayPal address so I have to assume something is wrong. I will PM you tomorrow and get you to check my account specifically.


11-10-2006 14:47:38

The backup is being recovered by the host. Wating on him.

unknown uchiha

11-10-2006 16:43:07

Is this kid getting arrested anytime soon?


11-10-2006 16:53:31

Wating to hear back.


11-10-2006 19:12:25

yeah let us know...and we want pix! ;)


11-10-2006 19:37:16

He won't be arrested, he's 16. He'll be fined for YGF's losses, which is basically completed offer commission. ALSO YOURGIFTSFREE - MAKE SURE YOU SAY THAT YOU ARE SUING FOR MORE MONEY BECAUSE HE GAVE THE SITE A BAD REP! SOME PEOPLE MIGHT THINK YOU LEFT THE FREEBIE SCENE IF THEY AREN'T ON FiPG, AKA $$$4U


11-10-2006 20:44:00

Uhh...actually you CAN get arrested for illegal activites such as that. He's 16, and will probably be tried as an adult. YGF had probably a good lump sum of losses due to the downtime.

unknown uchiha

11-10-2006 21:10:10

I want him whacked.


12-10-2006 04:00:11

Yea guys we were down all night! roll


12-10-2006 05:43:13

that sucks


12-10-2006 11:47:48

It was a joke that we were down all night.


12-10-2006 12:39:37

why are the sites down now?


12-10-2006 12:47:00

Updating the script.