A treat to you. NEW SITE!-Surprise inside!

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10-10-2006 15:51:08


The YourGiftsFree Network has decided to launch a site today. The surprise is that it is a No Credit Card Required site! Custom Order is still on there so you can get anything! If you have any questions be sure to AIM me, make a support ticket, e-mail me, or PM me. This is a treat since the offers i'm running wouldn't normally run on other sites. I've been given specific instructions from my affiliate. So take this with a grain of salt, [bf27cb725e0]IF YOU FRAUD ANY OF THE OFFERS BY GIVING OUT FALSE INFORMATION OR ANY BOGUS INFO YOU WILL BE ON HOLD ON THE WHOLE NETWORK.[/bf27cb725e0] ) The site is NoCreditCard.YourGiftsFree.com. More offers will be added as soon as i get the go ahead!


10-10-2006 15:53:41

Fatal error Call to a member function getReferralCreditTotal() on a non-object in /home/yourgift/public_html/classes/site.class.php on line 266


10-10-2006 15:54:53

Clear your cookies and login.


10-10-2006 16:09:21

I win again. Wait...it's not a contest. ^_^

Who wants to be my referral for free?!!!! D

Hu hu pancakes hu.


10-10-2006 16:13:29

sign up under me TFOAF!

Finally a good no-cc site.

People remember not to sign up unreferred! I'm paying!


10-10-2006 16:19:24

everytime I click an offer it just brings me back to the offers page


10-10-2006 16:20:58

Use FireFox and allow pop ups.

This glitch will be fixed shortly (day or two)

unknown uchiha

10-10-2006 18:34:40

2GB Nanos are only available in Silver. 4GB Nanos are available in Silver, Green, Blue, and Pink. 8GB Nanos are available in Black only.

You should change the 2GB Nano/12 refs from "Any Color" to just 2GB Nano.


10-10-2006 18:49:19

how much are you paying per ref on this site?


10-10-2006 18:53:13

Thanks JJJ ill take note of that.

It ranges from 12-16.


10-10-2006 18:58:44

[quote1941da4d12="YourGiftsFree"]Thanks JJJ ill take note of that.

It ranges from 12-16.[/quote1941da4d12]

JJJ never posted here p

So for a 30 dollar order (includes shipping) I would need probably 3 refs?


10-10-2006 19:01:51

Yea 3 refs.

Ooops i mean unknown uchicha!


10-10-2006 19:22:08

[quotebe8cc474dc="YourGiftsFree"]Thanks JJJ ill take note of that.

It ranges from 12-16.[/quotebe8cc474dc]

That's an odd mistake lol

Interesting concept, will check out.


10-10-2006 19:29:37


Alright, youll like it!


10-10-2006 19:31:51

When are you gonna fix the glitch for IE?


10-10-2006 19:35:26

The fix should be out in 1-3 days he said.


12-10-2006 05:45:48

[quotef7a9537123="BD2006BD"]sign up under me TFOAF!

Finally a good no-cc site.

People remember not to sign up unreferred! I'm paying![/quotef7a9537123]

I resent that re-mark ygf he is being mean to me LOL


14-10-2006 05:29:09

All credits from last night to tonight will be credited tonight.


14-10-2006 05:30:13

sweet just did collegedirect and the dish one.


14-10-2006 05:35:14

Ok youll hace credit tonight, today is a REALLY busy day for me. Im heading out now, take care!


14-10-2006 08:49:10

Just curious, have you given thought to starting a site using the Giftmonkey model? (Not necessarily needing to do an offer yourself)


14-10-2006 12:56:16

Anyone looking to sign up, PM me... lol


14-10-2006 17:07:33

credited everything.


14-10-2006 20:36:50

I guess that's a no. ;)