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07-10-2006 21:24:55

Alright, update. Sadly our host provider has currently taken us off due to high bandwidth usage (DDoS). Sadly, we won't be able to tell you when the site will be back up. But please understand, we have all the necessary data to provide to our customers from where we stand. So no worries, all items will be processed/shipped accordingly regardless of the state of the website. If you have any questions, you may email= me or YGF on his private email. Mine is me or YGF on his private email. Mine is . If you would like to email YGF directly you may obtain it by speaking to him on his AIM "YourGiftsFree". We cannot stress enough how sorry we are, and that we are not sure when or how the server will get back up. Thanks for your patience and greens that are currently being processed will be resolved when the site is put back up (whenever) that is.


07-10-2006 21:28:58

Also, no data will be lost. We have a backup of the site seconds before it went down. We are extremley sorry for the downtime. If you didnt know Jams44 is the coder and techie for the YourGiftsFree Network.


07-10-2006 21:32:26

I hope your customers still get a chance at completing their requirements on your site during the time your site will be down. Go ahead -> Keep switching hosts, all of the box's will be down within minutes..if you think your losing money now YGF, just wait!

You call Tip a fraud like your some righteous site owner, LOL!
Your worse than he is and scammed people out of tons of money.

Yeah maybe he did one or two offers twice, he is only human. But you on the other hand not only FRAUDED but also scammed numerous people under numerous alias's for lots of cash.


07-10-2006 21:43:18

[2337] Waterflodys25 Whats up, awesome dude!
[2337] Waterflodys25 It's me your biggest fan!!!
[2337] Waterflodys25 Jams44
[2338] Ct Tiphareth hey green
[2338] Waterflodys25 Ct Tiphareth ill give it about 5 minutes
Ct Tiphareth so u can come back on
Ct Tiphareth then if u dont negotiate
[2338] Waterflodys25 I DARE YOU TO SCREW UP HIS ISP
[2338] Waterflodys25 ill give you $500 if u do
[2338] Ct Tiphareth stfu troll
[2338] Waterflodys25 i swear
[2339] Ct Tiphareth I live in Chicago too
[2339] Ct Tiphareth how about we meet
[2339] Waterflodys25 OMG sure
[2339] Waterflodys25 tomorrow
[2339] Waterflodys25 hancock
[2339] Waterflodys25 3rd floor
[2339] Waterflodys25 )
[2339] Ct Tiphareth fatkid
[2339] Waterflodys25 be there or be square
[2339] Ct Tiphareth what do you want
[2339] Waterflodys25 i want to see ure hacking skills
[2339] Waterflodys25 hack away smart boy
[2339] Waterflodys25 do it
[2339] Waterflodys25 i dare you
[2339] Waterflodys25 u know why i dare, cuz i know you dont know shit
[2339] Waterflodys25 )
[2340] Ct Tiphareth lol
[2340] Ct Tiphareth ask ygf abotu his sites today
[2340] Ct Tiphareth were i was raping his hosters
[2340] Ct Tiphareth and they rejeceted him as a customer
[2340] Ct Tiphareth and took down his shit
[2340] Ct Tiphareth now lets wait until mr ygf gets new hosting
[2340] Ct Tiphareth so i can take that down
[2340] Waterflodys25 O RLY?
[2340] Waterflodys25 )
[2340] Ct Tiphareth i have quadiple 120k botnets
[2340] Waterflodys25 anyone can DDoS, it takes a true criminal to get pass SSID secured!
[2340] Ct Tiphareth want to come on my ircd bigboy
[2341] Waterflodys25 id love too )
[2341] Ct Tiphareth
[2341] Ct Tiphareth default
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[2342] Ct Tiphareth Are you ygf's lapdog?
[2342] Waterflodys25 Do you even listen to yourself
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[2342] Waterflodys25 im not kidding
[2342] Ct Tiphareth lets mett up
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[2342] Ct Tiphareth smd idiot
[2343] Waterflodys25 id love to meet you right now, to see your true self, a weak little diabled kidd who thinks he can hack
[2343] Waterflodys25 lidusabled
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[2343] Waterflodys25 too hard?
[2343] Ct Tiphareth you spend your days writing shit freebie scripts
[2344] Ct Tiphareth all day
[2344] Ct Tiphareth your horrible
[2344] lilili "Ct Tiphareth" signed off at Sat Oct 07 234412 2006.
[2344] Waterflodys25 lol, and you apparently spend your day getting booted from them now don't you?
[2344] lilili Error while sending IM This user is currently not logged on


07-10-2006 22:58:33

Psshhh, this Count/Tiphareth guy is the same one that was too scared to meet up with the Prizebook reps after talking a bunch of trash...don't take shit from this racist...


08-10-2006 12:30:44

How long have you been a coder? Also how many people are involved in the DDoS?


08-10-2006 13:22:15

usually one, but thousands of bots


08-10-2006 13:40:44

One, but alot of bots.


08-10-2006 13:44:52

[quotefbe5165ba4="gruffer"]How long have you been a coder? Also how many people are involved in the DDoS?[/quotefbe5165ba4]

thats kind of an open ended question.

for YGF i have been working for about 3 weeks.
PHP for about 2 years
Java for about 1 year
HTML/CSS who knows, thats easy stuff