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11-09-2006 14:12:31


Our next venture into the freebie world will be the "king of all freebies", plasmas! Since they cost alot they would be a high referral amount on our 40/ref system. So how do you want us to do it? Full, half and 1/3 credits? On a 80/ref scale. All Full credits on a 40/ref scale. Or another you suggest. This will be on our new system so suspect it late september.


11-09-2006 14:24:37

I have never liked those OOD sites and 1/3 credits for normal offers. Id stick with the tried and true 40/ref )


11-09-2006 15:50:45

I wouldn't like $80 on a 1/3 or 1/2 offer system because its like $27 or $40 per offer. Thats the same or less than full credit offers for $40, but more trouble.

unknown uchiha

11-09-2006 16:38:57




Haha just some ideas off the top of my head.


11-09-2006 17:28:21

Its plasmas. He just wanted to know how to do the offers.


11-09-2006 17:52:45

1/3 and 1/2 credits drops the amount of people who will take cash for the site by like 50%. Newbs are willing to do easy offers that they are interested in, but I doubt they will do two or three.