Live forum:


08-09-2006 17:51:39

From my host.

We have been experiencing Network Problems Today that have actually been happening since we first reported problems with our network. Unfortunately these probelms have gotten worse today and are causing a majority of the downtime and slowness issues you are reporting today. These problems have been ongoing and the the maintenance Monday Night is a big step in resolving these problems. We will be working on all servers having problems.

I will keep you updated.


08-09-2006 17:53:52

I was [i9b00c1c6ca]just[/i9b00c1c6ca] about to PM you with this, I'm trying to check my Laptop status and the page isn't loading.


08-09-2006 18:55:47

Its back, but its slow.


08-09-2006 19:59:34

I noticed slowness too. thanks for the update