YourGiftFree Evaluation

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06-09-2006 13:28:09


For now on at the beginning of every month we will let the users evaluate. Please post why you picked what you picked! Let us know what to improve on!


06-09-2006 14:30:54

I voted, "A" i've had nothing but success with this network .....

Only thing if anything I could think of is a way to speed up and track the Manual credit process... I've always liked how Train has the "CLICK ID" and date you did the offer.... that you can refer to.


06-09-2006 15:22:29

There's no F!!! Add that so I can vote!

Just Kidding -P

I voted A because the instant offers are actually instant!(Unlike some other networks licoughliTrainnlicoughli. I agree with shaggz about the manual crediting thing, it's something I've had to deal with a bit too much hrough Trainn...

Keep up the good work! )


07-09-2006 11:47:36

I vote A

Lots of offers, fast approval and fast shipping.


07-09-2006 16:51:02

I also voted A

I got alot of stuff from this network and i'm very satisfied.


07-09-2006 18:33:39

Im having some problems with YGF. At least a dozen offers Ive been interested in are US only, and a good chunk of them are from TL Sciences (you can only sign up for one). Im having a lot of trouble finding any good offers.

I hope the additions on the 15th will give me something worth signing up for P


07-09-2006 18:36:46

For now search CA in the search thing.


07-09-2006 18:40:43

Uh, Mr YGF sir, you forgot the F choice. ;) J/K I'll vote A.. Since I feel bad for you.


07-09-2006 18:40:52

A lot of the ones that say US and CA will go to a page that says this offer is not available in your area.