What do you think is the best laptop on ygf?

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07-08-2006 15:05:46

I was looking thru the laptops.ygf (i just want the paypal lol), and thought about getting a laptop. Which of the low ref ones (other than the iBook, too many refs) looks like a good deal?


07-08-2006 15:34:34

I use the 20 ref HP one.


07-08-2006 16:13:29

How good is it? I need something decent.


07-08-2006 16:23:09

Its great. No problems at all. Had it for awhile.


07-08-2006 17:23:32

On this subject YGF, can you post the specs of the laptops you have on the site? For example, there are 3 different lines of Inspiron 1300. I can sorta judge from the ref amount which one you're offering, but it would be nice to see the specs on all of them.

Of course I'm thinking that I'll just cash out with PayPal if you allow that, put a little more cash with it, and just buy my choice of laptop myself.


07-08-2006 17:33:31

Yea, we are working on MAJOR upgrades to the site. Such as the specs more offers and maybe a new site before the new script is out ;)