New Site! $50 Per Ref.

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25-09-2007 18:41:27

The latest edition to Free4Me is now open! !

Pays $50 Per Ref, ALL offers are either full or 1/2 credit.


$300 Paypal 6 Referrals
$450 Paypal 9 Referrals
$150 Paypal! 3 Referrals
Dual 12-Inch Bandpass Sub System OR $200 Paypal 4 Referrals
Whistler Radar/Laser Detector OR $100 Paypal 2 Referrals
Pyle DVD/CD/MP3 Am/Fm Receiver with 2.5-Inch LCD Screen OR $200 Paypal 4 Referrals
Panasonic 8-Disc CD/DVD Video Changer with Remote OR $350 Paypal 7 Referrals
Quantum Video System Overhead 7-Inch DVD player OR $599 Paypal 12 Referrals
Headrest with 7-Inch Built-in LCD Monitor OR $250 Paypal 5 Referrals
Scytek VisionGuard Security & Remote Engine Starter System with Built-in Camera OR $400 Paypal 8 Referrals
Rockford Fosgate 4 Channel Bridgeable Amplifier OR $350 Paypal 7 Referrals
Garmin Rino Handheld GPS Navigator and 2-Way Radios OR $500 Paypal 10 Referrals

]Want a PROMO????

The first person to cashout with 12 referrals for either the Quantum Video System OR the $599 Paypal gets a $100 BONUS.

The second person to cashout for 12 referrals for either the Quantum Video System OR the $599 Paypal gets a $50 BONUS.


Enjoy )


25-09-2007 20:01:21

Awesome...... I tried logging into the site and am getting this

Sorry, you cannot login to your Free4Me passport directly. You must return to the main page, choose a gift, and then press continue.

??? I even selected a different gift three times...... ? Also, since I doubt I can do any offers is there any free greens or would I need to get an extra ref for my offer requirements?

Thanks in advance!


25-09-2007 20:39:02

I think I found my answer! cry


li No we do not give free greens as we feel this is damaging to the trading community.
li No we do not allow an extra referral in lieu of offer credits.


26-09-2007 05:51:46

Hi, the reason you are getting that error is you have to register for the site.

Click Continue at the bottom of the screen.
Check the box you are being referred by ___
Check the next box I acknowledge I am being referred by ___

Then if you are on ANY other Free4Me site, click Login.

If you are not on any other Free4Me site, click Signup.

Hope this helps. )


26-09-2007 06:25:17

Thanks.... so there is no way to be unreferred?


26-09-2007 09:26:43

Yes, just leave the boxes blank if you don't want to be referred. )


26-09-2007 14:47:51

LOL.... I know that! But I've already checked out the offers and I can't go green on this site!

My point is IF I sign up unreferred how am I going to be able to meet MY offer requirements? Free greens and extra refs are not an option right? Guess I'm SOL