August 2007 Free4Me Contest

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31-07-2007 13:04:02

[b3ef32de180]August 2007 Free4Me Contest[/b3ef32de180][/size3ef32de180]

This month’s contest is going to be fairly straight forward. As some of you know we have our own forum supporting our various sites owned by The Free4Me Network. In order to be entered into this month’s contest you must post your proof pictures in one of the various forums. This contest also includes proof pictures from the Bonus Network as well!

Post Proof Pictures Here[=http//]Post Proof Pictures Here

Each proof picture counts as one entry. You may enter as many times as you like. One entry will be chosen at random to be the Grand Prize winner. [b3ef32de180]The Grand Prize[/b3ef32de180][/color3ef32de180] winner wins [b3ef32de180]$100 Gift Certificate[/b3ef32de180][/color3ef32de180] to the store of your choice courtesy of The Free4Me Network. [b3ef32de180]Three Second Place[/b3ef32de180][/color3ef32de180] winners will receive a courtesy [b3ef32de180]Glow-In-The-Dark SuperFly Monkey[/b3ef32de180][/color3ef32de180].

[b3ef32de180]Rules [/b3ef32de180]

[li3ef32de180]Photos/Screenshots must be sized appropriately. All photos too large will be deleted. Use thumbnails from ImageShack if you wish to resize a picture http//
[li3ef32de180]All entries must be received by August 31, 2007 at 1159pm EST, posts made after this time will not count towards the prize.
[li3ef32de180]Proof pictures must be from Free4Me on Bonus sites. Anyone having faked a proof picture will be disqualified.
[li3ef32de180]Please post in this thread when a photo is added.

[b3ef32de180]Not a user of Free4Me Network?[/color3ef32de180][/b3ef32de180] Sign up now[=http//]Sign up now and complete a site! [b3ef32de180]Post your proof pictures today![/b3ef32de180]


02-08-2007 18:53:58

I raised the prize to $100! Please post proof pics, I know you guys have them!


05-08-2007 09:25:07

No one has any proof pictures?! lol


11-08-2007 19:37:30

20 more days!


18-08-2007 18:32:48

13 more days


24-08-2007 09:37:55

Sorry don't have any bonus pictures. I've only done the


27-08-2007 07:01:56

[quote17be7479bd="Latanya"]Sorry don't have any bonus pictures. I've only done the[/quote17be7479bd]

You can post up proof of 500.Free4Me!

5 more days. Drawing will take place September 1


30-08-2007 13:14:55

tomorrow is the last day


31-08-2007 22:29:24

Alesha will be picking winners on Sunday. I no longer work for Revenue Universe or Free4Me