Whats the deal with doing offers twice ?

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09-07-2007 21:03:12

hey everybody, im writing this, because i dont really understand whats the problem about doing an offer twice on exactly the same site.

i mean i understand its wrong doing the same offer twice on different sites and being credited for both. this is fraud, because only one of the site will get the commission, isnt it.

So whats the deal, with accidentially doing it on the same site. I mean you will be charged twice for the offer(lets say a dvd offer for 10$), but you will only get 1 credit.

Hope someone can clarify things for me.


09-07-2007 21:10:14

How would you accidentally do it twice on the same site? That tells me you aren't keeping up with the offers you are completing, and are canceling as soon as you signup (otherwise you likely wouldn't "forget" that you were currently a customer).

What will happen is the offer sponsor will deny payment and report you as a non-unique or fraudulent lead, you'll be in violation of the terms & conditions which clearly state you are not to do this, and you will go on hold. Case closed. Site owners don't have time to listen and rule on every individual's excuse as to why they violated a basic tenet of virtually all incentivized marketing sites, accidentally or not. To succeed in this endeavor requires a certain amount of responsibility on the customer's part, and the rules are very clearly laid out. I don't know, but you sound more like you're trying to justify doing it than asking a hypothetical "what if?" question, which puzzles me.


09-07-2007 21:35:42

hey thanks for responding. i ran into this problem, thats right. but i dont care anymore. the problem was, that i did not receive a confirmation mail for the offer and it didnt credit automatically, thats why i did the offer twice. i wanted to know what the damage for the site owner is in that case. i totally understand that they can't go thorugh every case of fraud.


10-07-2007 06:50:28

Okay, in that case the potential damage to a site owner is that prior payments could be revoked. Many sponsors who identify what they believe to be a fraudulent lead, will revoke any prior payments for that same lead, which takes the money away from the affiliate and/or site owner.

The other damage is cumulative, and comes from the fact that each person who does this, regardless of their intentions, adds to the cumulative effect of fraud on the industry. Which we just recently saw come to a head with the major publisher network changes that killed all manual credits and put site owners on Net30 payout terms. EVERYBODY pays for that one.


10-07-2007 10:42:26

okay thanks, case solved


12-02-2008 18:17:42

Most advertisers want different credit cards to complete the same offer


08-03-2008 16:21:17

[quote8aa4125b30="kanez44"]Most advertisers want different credit cards to complete the same offer[/quote8aa4125b30]



08-03-2008 18:13:38

lol @ this thread

sandra habina

09-03-2008 23:37:11

Do NOT do the same offer twice for any reason. Read the TOS.

If you do any offer twice - that is fraud. Using a different credit card but the same person and address is fraud. (


22-06-2008 10:52:15

[quote0474c9aff2="kanez44"]Most advertisers want different credit cards to complete the same offer[/quote0474c9aff2]