*URGENT* Missing Credits

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14-06-2007 21:14:58

[quote4602b39e03]An urgent announcement regarding missing credit reports (also known as no credit reports).

Due to a recent rise in fraud, Free4Me.Net will no longer be accepting missing credits on any offers completed. Recently we have lost many advertisers due to fraudulent completions of offers. As you may notice, approximately 20+ offers went down today alone. This is NOT just on Free4Me but this affects all "freebie" sites and networks.

After long consideration and discussion with our publishers it has been determined that a large amount of the fraud is being lead by fraudulent missing credit reports. Either faked reports, reports submitted on multiple sites, etc, just to name a couple.

Users are to complete offers they are geninuely interested in - otherwise, this is considered fraud. If the only reason users are completing offers is to gain credit - the advertisers see this as fraudulent. Therefore, as part of our stance to provide our advertisers with good, quality leads we are doing our part to assist in fraud prevention.

Please feel free to message me if you'd like to discuss this further. You may also send in a support ticket via Free4Me and reach me.

Free4Me Alesha[/quote4602b39e03]