Happy Birthday Free4Me and Big Updates

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13-05-2007 07:25:06

Hey everyone!

It was 2 years ago that The Free4Me Network, LLC launched its first site, FreeGear4Me. Since then we have grown to one of the largest freebie sites on the internet, with 16 sites and over 50,000 users! And it is all thanks to you guys!

With that out of the way, I have three big announcements to make! I have recently become very very involved in one of our companies other websites, Revenue Universe, and thus I haven't exaclty been doing a great job keeping up with Free4Me. However, Dabbs has been doing an excellent job, adding new offers, updating the pictures for the gifts, and so still providing excellent support ;). It is my pleasure to announce that Dabbs is officially the new director of Free4Me.Net! Of course I will still be behind the scenes and in charge of the company, but now Dabbs will be much more involved with Free4Me, including having control over the excellent updates you are going to be seeing soon (including new sites)!

Second, for everyone who followed the FreeGifts4Me saga, you'll know that it didn't come out how I had planned. Although is is in workable condition, it is obvious that taking an old site and trying to integrate it into an exisiting system wasn't the best idea. So, FreeGifts4Me is undergoing a HUGE change, and is being completley redesigned from scratch. When it is launched, it will not be integrated with your Free4Me passport and will be a standalone site. We also have learned from our mistakes, and are not goiing to be taking down the current site months before the new one is launched ;). I am also happy to announce that Kelly, who has been so helpful on our forums and has been planning our recent contests, will be the director of FreeGifts4Me, and will be overseeing and managing the creation of the redesigned FreeGifts4Me!

Finally, GamesGifts is finally nearing launch! We had run into some problems renovating the website, but everything is on track now, and the website should launch this month! For anybody who has worked with Revenue Universe and remembers who Kristina was, she is in charge of GamesGifts and will see that lives up to the Free4Me quality you all know and love!

Again I want to thank you guys for all your support throughout the 2 years we've been here! For those of you wondering, I will be staying involved with Revenue Universe and overseeing some new exciting new projects for Free4Me that will be launching later this year ;). Enjoy!