Free4Me FAQ and Sites

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01-05-2007 22:22:44


Monthly contest (announced first day of each month)


-What are your sites?

You can check the various sites available and offer at the Free4Me Network Portal. Just log in and see which site you have already signed up for, completed and have yet to do!

Various Free4Me sites can be found HERE

-When do you pay?

Unlike most other sites, we pay EVERY WEEK! We send out all approved orders every Monday. An order must be submitted for approval by midnight EST on Saturday to ship on the following Monday unless otherwise noted.

-What do I do if I need help?

If you need help, feel free to contact our AIM support at Free4Me Support, or submit a support ticket through our sites. We respond to all support questions within 48 hours. We also have general answers at The Free4Me Network Forums. You will find important messages concerning site issues on our forums.

Sites found at

Referral Sites

All items on Free4Me sites can be changed for PayPal after you meet your requirements. For instance if you complete and choose to either receive a Wii or $250 PayPal at which you will need to submit your PayPal address.

DIY Sites (Points)

Referral Requirements for each site can be found here

You only need to sign up with ONE email address ever. This will serve as your Free4Me passport ID and the referral number will remain the same on each site. Now will this affect doing referrals for different people. NOT AT ALL Smile You can still sign up referred to any Free4Me site but just merely enter your passport information to carry over your info to the new site! You can of course sign up unreferred if you wish.