My referrals disappeared???!!!

Live forum:


09-04-2007 10:56:16

I had 4 refs on hotstuff, I look today and it only shows 1 ref? The other 3 didn't turn red, they have just vanished...


09-04-2007 11:14:52

I think there is something seriously wrong, I cant even log in. keeps telling me invalid. I had 8 refferals with 3 greens, I hope I didnt lose them!


09-04-2007 11:17:27

Same problem here (missing refs).


09-04-2007 12:03:50

All my completed refs are missing for 100 & gear. I had submitted for approval on Saturday. Please God let this just be a glich. (


09-04-2007 12:16:29

At least its not me, that makes me feel a little better.


09-04-2007 12:56:50

[quotec7d232657d="lorny35"]Same problem here Stacy. Tells me the email is not in their records![/quotec7d232657d]


09-04-2007 16:17:29

I try to log in and get NOTHING! Just a white screen.