April 2007 Free4Me Contest

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31-03-2007 21:50:33

Every month Free4Me will be having a promotional contest. If you have any ideas PM me as I am in charge of promotional giveaways for Free4Me. If I use one of your ideas you might get something a little extra wink

[quote084db2cc77]Come one; come all to the April Free4Me Contest. This monthís contest will be something different than a typical promotion. Itís a Free4Me poetry contest. So break out the grammar books and dictionaries, heck even a thesaurus and start thinking.

This contest will run until [b084db2cc77]April 30, 2007[/b084db2cc77] at [b084db2cc77]1159pm EST[/b084db2cc77] and will be compromised of seven categories.

[b084db2cc77][u084db2cc77]Categories Include[/u084db2cc77]
Funniest [/color084db2cc77]
Most Moving[/color084db2cc77]
Most Depressing [/color084db2cc77]
Most Erotic[/color084db2cc77]

[u084db2cc77]And finally the Grand Prize winners[/u084db2cc77]
Best and Worst poems[/color084db2cc77][/b084db2cc77]

Just post you contest entries here and the Free4Me Staff will vote on your entries. There will be a Winner and a Runner-up for each category plus two Grand Prize winners. [b084db2cc77]Thatís 12 chances to win![/b084db2cc77]

Winners will be announced the first week of May at which time their address must be provided for delivery of prize(s).

[b084db2cc77]Grand Prize for Best and Worst poems consists of (2)[/b084db2cc77]
2 Free4Me Truffle Boxes
3 Free4Me Chocolate Computers
15 Free4Me Candies
3 Tins of Free4Me Mints
1 Free4Me Shirt
1 Free4Me Clock
1 Free4Me Mousepad
10 Pads of Free4Me Sticky Notes
1 Free4Me Water Bottle
5 Free4Me Pens

[b084db2cc77]Prize Package for each Category Winner consists of (5)[/b084db2cc77]
1 Free4Me Truffle Box
2 Free4Me Chocolate Computers
10 Free4Me Candies
2 Tins of Free4Me Mints
1 Free4Me Shirt
1 Free4Me Clock
1 Free4Me Mousepad
5 Pads of Free4Me Sticky Notes
1 Free4Me Water Bottle
3 Free4Me Pens

[b084db2cc77]Prize Package for each Category Runner-up consists of (5)[/b084db2cc77]
1 Free4Me Chocolate Computer
10 Free4Me Candies
2 Tins of Free4Me Mints
1 Free4Me Shirt
1 Free4Me Clock
1 Free4Me Mousepad
5 Pads of Free4Me Sticky Notes
1 Free4Me Water Bottle
2 Free4Me Pens

Poems must be about Free4Me.
Your poem must have a title.
It must not consist of anything defamatory.
You are open to use any style of poetry you wish. There are tons.
Copyright rules apply; donít use someone elseís poetry.
Users can submit up to 3 poems each, yes Ė 3 poems.
Poems must be posted on the Anything4Free forums in the specified thread.
Be creative![/quote084db2cc77]

Im in charge of the contest so no funny biddness! P


03-04-2007 17:32:42

So far we have two entries and a third on the way!


04-04-2007 14:00:33

Why cant we post here as well?


04-04-2007 14:32:21

[quoted0cd77d600="psbread"]Why cant we post here as well?[/quoted0cd77d600]

LOL I like to keep it all in one place so everyone knows what they are up against. However if you want to PM me with a poem I will post it on A4F for you with your FIPG username ) or you can post it her too and then I will transfer it over!


04-04-2007 14:59:12

Let me open up my creative mind shock


04-04-2007 15:21:34

[quote30e2638544="psbread"]Let me open up my creative mind shock[/quote30e2638544]


05-04-2007 11:04:09

Entries so far are all A4Fers

BNS Mike (1)
Mama Mysterry (2)
newborn (1)
twhitmore (1)
GettStuff4Free Kyle (1)
tj7 (1)
CustomOrderThis (1)


06-04-2007 17:35:05

I just posted on A4f ..hope you like it wink


06-04-2007 19:43:56

[quote6d8a554461="psbread"]I just posted on A4f ..hope you like it wink[/quote6d8a554461]

YAY I love it!! I added you to the line up! wink


07-04-2007 06:56:33

[quote4296c13f82][b4296c13f82]BNS Mike (1)[/b4296c13f82]
[u4296c13f82]An Ode to Wii.Free4Me[/u4296c13f82]
Oh My... Oh Me!
I woke up this morning full of hope and glee...
I open the door and what do I see?
Nothing... nothing... there's nothing to see..
Oh My... Oh Me!

Oh My... Oh Me!
Where is My Wii?
Peter... Oh Peter, Please answer me?
Alas I wait... wait for My Wii...

Oh My... Oh Me!
It's just after three...
Time would fly by if I just had my Wii
'Knock Knock!", whats that? Could it be?
Yes it is.. I got my Wii!

Oh My... Oh Me!
I sit here and play so full of glee.
"Boom!, Bang" take that Ant Bully!

Oh My... Oh Me!
Thank you Free4Me!
MamaMysterry (2)[/b4296c13f82]
....FREE4ME !!

[u4296c13f82]He Said/She Said[/u4296c13f82]
He said I saved 50 on my LCD!
She said I got my LCD, Free4Me!

He said Bought me a Giftcard for thirty!
She said I got my Giftcard.Free4Me!

He said I camped out for my PS3!
She said I got my PS3.Free4Me!

He said My refurb'd Laptop only cost 520!
She said I got my brand new Laptop.Free4Me!

He said My Panasonic was cheap only 1860!
She said I got my Plasma.Free4Me!

He said (sadly) All my gifts cost me a pretty penny.
She said (proudly) I guess you should try out Free4Me!

[b4296c13f82]tj7 (2)[/b4296c13f82]
sliding. gliding thru my greens,
free4me-you dont know what this does to me

you turn me green,you turn me red.
prizes pulsing thru my head.

with my order placed,
paypal i can almost taste.

with your approvel,you torment me.
so slow,so fast..which will it be?

excitement running thru my veins,
waiting causes so much pain.

I sit & watch,just waiting to see.
what will you do, free4me

Pulse racing,what do i see?
shipping soon on my screen.

Heart pumping,toes twitching
Oh how satisfying-free4me!

[u4296c13f82]FREE4ME MAKES ME PEE[/u4296c13f82]
oh free4me,
dont you see,
sitting,waiting for you,
i sure have to pee.

my legs are trembling,
my stomach is tight.
inside my bladder ,
is starting a fight..

i dont dare leave,
watching this screen,
if i dont go soon,
im gonna scream.

oh no! oh yes!
finally i see.
approved !
but i just peed.

now my legs are warm,
its wet where i sit..
but im awfully glad,
i didnt have to censored!
CustomOrderThis (1)[/b4296c13f82]
I love getting gifts for free,
It fills my life with glee,
This poem may be kind of corny,
But Peter makes me quite horny.

[b4296c13f82]newborn (1)[/b4296c13f82]
Free4My be best to do site.
When I get paid?
I gave my name on page it said on next page.
I saw them numbers but I can't find them again.
Somebody better pay me.
And, there is no funny in that.
If you laugh at me, I sad be.
Meet me on XBL and try to beat me.
Take care of you I will on that game.
So me get paid and save Free4Me name.

[b4296c13f82]twhitmore (1)[/b4296c13f82]
Free4Me is on top of their game like the Gators,
Scammers and frauders are their only haters,
If your a scammer you can't get anything by them,
Think you fraud and get away with it? Try em,
They'll hold you, like me with your girlfriends hand,
Peters house might be fat but I dont give a damn,
If you use AOL it'll be a disaster,
You think your support is fast, but theirís is faster,
Free4Me gets more site hits than myspace,
When I get my prize you should my face,
Most sites gifts come late, like 6 year-old molers,
I got my Wii early, with extra controllers,
I'm serious, nothing about this is funny,
Thanks to this site, I get cash like emoney,
Free4Me FTW, thats what I say,
Your here for them, and their here to stay.

[b4296c13f82]GetStuff4Free Kyle (1)[/b4296c13f82]
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Most poems rhyme
But this one about Free4me doesn't

[b4296c13f82]gregg1717 (1)[/b4296c13f82]
[u4296c13f82]The free4me chocolate poetry contest[/u4296c13f82]
A poetry contest, imagine that
But most of the prizes will just make me fat
Like chocolate computers, now how can that be?
So lovingly given by ďBlankĒ Free4Me.

One prize is 10 Pads of Sticky Notes
Which were probably lying in one of their totes
With their chocolates and truffles and candies and mints.
So why are they sticky? I gave you some hints.

Thereís a shirt and a mouse pad, some pens and a clock
Itís Easter, not Christmas so they donít have a sock
And I really donít want to think about feet.
So Iím going to quit and get something to eat.

[b4296c13f82]Givafree - Carl (1)[/b4296c13f82]
[u4296c13f82]Hit Me Baby, Free4Me[/u4296c13f82]
Oh Freebie Freebie
how was I supposed to know
That I had to clear my cookies
Oh Freebie Freebie
My firewall is on low (oooooooohohohoh)
But I have to send no-credit

Show me, how it suppose to be
Tell me baby, cuz I need to get now, some money

My loneliness is killin me (anddd tooo)
To past the time, I do some Freebie (Free4meeeee!)
If i'm not on your site I lose my mind, Give me my Wiiiiiiii
Hit me baby Free4me!

[b4296c13f82]psbread (1)[/b4296c13f82]
[u4296c13f82]1 More Green![/u4296c13f82]
Free4me is such a great site!
To click on my link is such a delight
I click on my status and what do i see?
5 outta 6 referrals, the anticipation is killin me

O when will this 250 dollars be mine?
One to two days, or one weeks time?

I get a PM and what does it say?
"Send me the link and ill get to it."
"Shouldnt take long theres nothin to it."

"Blank" is the name and im your man"
If i dont get it done then noone can.
I ll take 26 dollars paypal if you dont mind.
Im here to help you get outta this bind.

I click "status" the very next day,
I got 6 referrals Hip-Hop Hooray!
So I hit "order" and "verify",
Im so excited i aint gonna lie!

My adrenalines pumpin, and im all excited,
I finished this site im so delighted.

I open my Paypal on Monday and see,
That ive been payed 250 dollars USD,
By one of my favorite sites, FREE4ME!
GMFreak8 (1)[/b4296c13f82]
Here I am sitting at my desk
Iíve refreshed the page at least 100 times, waiting is a real test
Did he go green or did he go red
Should I search for another referral, or go to bed

Dabbs of free4me dreads my PMs
My family swears I have PMS
Did he go green or did he go red
Should I search for another referral, or go to bed

I canít stop daydreaming of that free PC
In between daydreams Iím checking my PC
Did he go green or did he go red
Should I search for another referral, or go to bed

I know the UPS guy by heart
No package by dark is like a dart through my heart
Did he go green or did he go red
Should I search for another referral, or go to bed

I havenít slept in 48 hours
I havenít taken a shower in 72 hours
Did he go green or did he go red
Should I search for another referral, or go to bed

Free4me approved my account
Itís been a long wait, but worth it on all accounts
He went green
Iím going to bed

[b4296c13f82]goodboy (1)[/b4296c13f82]
Free4me is great and all
with all the free stuff given in the winter, spring, summer, and fall
makes me fall in love and all
if not for the gifts then for the passion of it
with sweat dripping from my armpits
kind of ruined my shirts' fashion
but i didn't care
about that sick fashion or that sour smell in the air
then all of a sudden my vision got cloudy
must have been from the must in the atmosphere
through it all it left me with a sick taste
and grin on my face
thinking of my Ps3 from Free4me
that was just approved in 3 days
i just had to say and just had to pray
that i would get it in just under 6 days
and on the 3rd day i heard a knock and had to say
my Ps3 is here today
but it turned out to be a girl scout who just wanted me to pay
and on the fourth day i heard a knock to say
my Ps3 has to be it today
but then it turned out to be a friend who came from next door to say
it was good and all
had fun and it was a ball
i signed for your Ps3 just the other day
i took a step back
and took a deep breath, ran to the computer and tried to retrack
all the tickets i had stashed
went back to to door and gave him a five finger slash
to the back of his head
I thought to say
you made me wait sickly up all day
then he said
that he was glad
that Free4me did what they said.

[b4296c13f82]tinkerjenn from FIPG (1)[/b4296c13f82]
[u4296c13f82]Death of a Green-Slave[/u4296c13f82]
Is it free for me?
All I see is me
Cashing out paypal is sweet
for the greens you sold me
Oh woe is me
no more offers to complete

Entries so far! Don't forget to enter guys, you can post your entries here or PM me )


07-04-2007 07:16:53

Sad thing is ...thats a true story roll


12-04-2007 11:02:49

BNS Mike (1) An Ode to Free4Me
Mama Mysterry (2) 4Me, He Said/She Said
newborn (1) A Scammer's Ode to Free4Me
twhitmore (1) FreeStyle4Me
GettStuff4Free Kyle (1) Untitled Free4Me Poem
tj7 (2) Untitled, Free4Me Makes Me Pee
CustomOrderThis (1) Untitled
gregg1717 (1) The free4me chocolate poetry contest
psbread (1) 1 More Green
Givafree - Carl (1) Hit Me Baby, Free4Me
GMFreak8 (1) Help4Me
goodboy (1) Free
tinkerjenn (1) Death of a Green-Slave (From FIPG)
d11m (1) My First Free4Me
cbrady (1) Dreamin' Not Schemin'
scout4pay (1) Without You
poisongirl (1) Untitled (intentional)

Hurry and write those poems! There's 18 days left.


15-04-2007 20:40:46

15 days left guys, send me your poems!


22-04-2007 05:08:53

8 more days left guys, remember to submit your poems to me via this post or PM. So far only 1 person submitted a poem on FIPG. I know you guys are very imaginative )


27-04-2007 10:42:12

3 more days left, contest closed at midnight on April 30, 2007. New contest for May will be posted May 1, 2007 and contest winners from April will be announced sometime during the first week of May.


30-04-2007 13:59:39

Last day. You have until 1159pm EST to post here or PM me your entry!


03-05-2007 19:03:52


1. A Scammer's Ode to Free4Me (Newborn)
2. Untitled (poisongirl)

1. Free4Me makes me Pee (TJ7)
2. Death of a Green-Slave (TinkerJenn)

Most Moving[/colorb799de8012]
1. Ode to a N00b (Shopperdan)
2. 4Me (Mama Mysterry)

Most Depressing [/colorb799de8012]
1. Oh Free4Me (Goodboy)
2. Hara-kiri Credit (mookpi)

Most Erotic[/colorb799de8012]
1. ZOMG Itz Erotic (Twhitmore)
2. Peter is Lovely (Customorderthis)

[ib799de8012]liGrand Prize Winnerli[/colorb799de8012][/ib799de8012] - Without You (scout4pay)
[ib799de8012]liWorst Poemli[/colorb799de8012][/ib799de8012] - Untitled Free4Me Poem (Getstuff Kyle)[/bb799de8012]

Side Note There was a few poems that I loved but the Free4Me staff voted and we decided to make a few more RUNNER UPS! They too will receive the Runner-up Prize Package.

[bb799de8012]Extra Runner Ups[/bb799de8012]
1 More Green! (psbread)
An Ode to Free4Me (BNS Mike)
My first Free4Me (d11m)

[bb799de8012]Congratulations to those who won! If you won, please send me your address via PM.[/colorb799de8012][/bb799de8012]


05-05-2007 15:05:02



05-05-2007 16:24:34

that was fun )


06-05-2007 11:23:58

Congrats fellow Georgian! wink


19-05-2007 20:37:42

lisniffleli Ihaven't gotten my prize yet lisniffleli


20-05-2007 19:00:00

Im waiting on Peter to send them out.


21-05-2007 17:32:14

hooray )


21-06-2007 07:38:35

nothing yet (


21-06-2007 17:58:25

[quotef1da47433c="tinkerjenn"]nothing yet ([/quotef1da47433c]

They were actually packed up today!!!!!! YAY!


07-07-2007 14:17:49

Peter needs a kick in tha booty! D