Help with Free1004me!!!!!

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05-03-2007 15:01:52

Hey guys Im trying to get 100$ so i can finally get a 360!!! I am willing to do any site for u.
I can also send you 15$ via paypal, or you get select one of the giftcards i got fro my b-day below

Gift Cards

Dicks sporting goods
Visa Gift Card

For all you xbox live people out there i can also give you two 2 month free trials to live

Once youve signed up and completed an offer PM me and tell me what you would like!
My referral link is http//

or you can do http//


05-03-2007 15:17:51

no ref links and wrong forum.


07-03-2007 20:17:59, please read the rules. I usually ban without warning when someone's first post breaks the rules, but I'm in a good mood.