Refs on 2 different free4me sites

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17-02-2007 15:19:36

Hi, newbie here. Hope my question isn't too stupid...if I sign up as a referral for someone on, say, 250.free4me, does that mean I'm linked to that person for all the free4me sites, or can I do a referral for someone else on, say, gaming.free4me? Would I end up with 2 accounts on the free4me network? Hope someone can help me sort this out. Thanks!


17-02-2007 15:21:30

You can only be a ref for one person per site. However, a network is multiple sites, so you could be a ref for one person on and a ref for a different person on


17-02-2007 15:22:08

yea you can sign up for all the free4me sites as someone elses referal. Just when you sign up you can select to continue using your passport or something. Just select that you have an existing account when you sign up for the new sites.


17-02-2007 15:25:20

yea make sure u put existing account, i got screwed way bak for not doing that lesson well learn (


17-02-2007 15:29:19

Thanks for all your help! You guys sure are fast at responding!!