Got paidddddddddddd!

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29-01-2007 19:54:19

Oh so cool. Totally cool. It's not like I this is my first site to get paid on, but it is still a cool feeling! Not to mention the sense of completion, whew! Ah man this site rocks my socks!

eta i was so excited i forgot to say what i got paid, lol. i got $400 on gaming.free4me!


29-01-2007 20:28:27

I love it when my referrals cash out.


31-01-2007 16:35:28

very nice, congrats


13-02-2007 18:36:08

was approved and had 250 paypal in account all in 2 days!! very fast approval and payout!! and only 3 refs for 250? i made a killing! thanks free4me!!