NYTimes offer

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27-01-2007 07:17:10

Does anyone have a contact number for trying to receive credit for the NYTimes offer. Free4me said to contact them directly because they are one of the companies that don't send a confirmation e-mail so there is no header to provide them. Would love some help.

Isn't It A Pity?

12-03-2007 16:29:57

I never got credit for that offer either but I did it on a different network. I also never gnt an email so I thought there was nothing I could do. I didn't know we had the option to call them about it.

Anyway; OVERALL bad offer.


06-04-2007 13:11:49

I got credited within 24 hours.

My advice is to click on the offer again and got to the bottom of the page. There's a "contact us" link


06-04-2007 16:08:08

Do you just need the number for the NY Times? 1-800-NYTIMES

I think it might be direct... they never charged my cc on the nuitech offer I did, I just got an invoice (and never did receive a paper until about my 5th phone call...)