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11-01-2007 07:23:18

I completed first offer on freegaming4me the order is currently being shipped. Did not recieve confirm email at first and opened a no credit ticket it was denied. Then I recieved the email finally and opened a support ticket they replied saying open a no credit ticket. I did so and included the confirmation email and it was denied. So now what? I just dont get any credit for a completed offer? Have an open trade with my ref for green. I am frustrated. x Help Please !


11-01-2007 07:39:10

Did you include full headers from the email?


11-01-2007 07:43:19

yes I included the whole thing showed sent to and from the whole shabang

Getstuff4free Kyle

18-01-2007 23:24:00

[quote92e3cff97f="countrydazy"]yes I included the whole thing showed sent to and from the whole shabang[/quote92e3cff97f]

sent-to and from is NOT the same thing as full headers

See http//



The vast majority of no credit requests I get on my site do not include full headers, so you're not alone.


20-01-2007 20:55:01

The reason you have not been approved is because you are not properly submitting your information. We can not process no credit reports that say I completed my offer where is my credit, etc. We also can not accept no credit reports in support tickets, they must be submitted in the no credit report.

We have to have the confirmation email with full headers, not just the To and From section. You have to actually click "show full headers" or something of the sort and copy and paste all of that information and the full confirmation email into the no credit report.

When you click to open a no credit report, there are specific instructions listed that guides you through correctly submitting for your no credit report. )