big problem and being ignored

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19-10-2006 12:20:01

I just recently join these referral based sites and my first swap at referralswapper was 500.free4me. I did the 2 offers right away and saw them show up as completed soon after.

But both showed up on page 1 and zero for page 2. No problem, from the ratings page on RSwapper, someone else had the same issue. So I sent in the support ticket. That was last Saturday. I was logged into the site for the next 3 days and never logged off. (didn't see the ticket answered either)

What's weird is that during that time, I tried to log in using firefox (the other browser I use is IE6) and it showed that I have ZERO offers done and NO support ticket submitted.

And the thing is, I stupidly logged out of the site on IE6 at one point. So now I can't see my real status and even if the admin responds, I can't see the ticket reply.

I also tried to post this at A4F forums and noticed that Free4MePeter replied to everyone else but me. http//[]http//

what can I do??? Please help cry

I also can't do any other swaps at referralswapper since I seem to have a limit of just 1 "current swap"


19-10-2006 22:26:25

bump the thread over at a4f. IDK.... ask for Peter to respond.

You will never get anyone from free4me support here at fipg.


19-10-2006 22:49:30

thanks I'll do that..
I did address him directly though.. when he replied to someone else in another thread.

I'm feeling he saw it but dont want to reply. I guess I should bug him and PM him at A4F ?