FreeMacs4Me Mac Mini 1.66 Ghz Requirements

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16-09-2006 18:58:40

Hello everyone,

I am looking to sign up at and am wondering what the requirements are for the Mac Mini 1.66 Ghz. I read somewhere on this forum that it required 2 referalls, each of them doing 2 regular offers and 1 OOD. Please let me know if I am correct or if they've changed the number of referrals or offer requirements for each referral. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If anyone knows where to find a complete list of all the requirements for each Mac listed on the site that'd be great too.

Thank you!


16-09-2006 19:55:49

Nevermind, I got the answers to the questions I had. For anyone else interested here is the list --> http//


09-10-2006 14:36:44

na maika ti putkata