New ipod

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16-09-2006 01:01:05

They have both new ipods, 8GB and 80GB...


16-09-2006 07:03:43

How many referrals?

iPod Shuffle (2 refs)
Silver iPod Nano 2GB (4 refs)
Blue iPod Nano 4GB (5 refs)
Pink iPod Nano 4GB (5 refs)
Green iPod Nano 4GB (5 refs)
iPod Nano 8GB (6 refs)
White iPod Video 30GB (6 refs)
Black iPod Video 30GB (6 refs)
White iPod Video 80GB (8 refs)
Black iPod Video 80GB (8 refs)


10-10-2006 15:11:38

Paying $15 for signing up under me @ the A4F conga...PM me.