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01-08-2006 17:50:31

From Peter - the owner - posted on a4f

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Hey guys,

Our major tickle test provider, and also the only place that has allowed international tickle traffic, has decided immediatley they no longer are allowing tickle to be incentivized, which means several of our tickle tests will be going down. We are trying to work something out, but tickle seems to be making changes across the board, as all other networks have had the payout for these offers decreased as well. The offers will be up until midnight tonight, so I recommend if you are looking to do a tickle offer or are an international user do it ASAP. I am going to also be doing some serious offer adding/removing tonight going through every single offer and making sure it still works, and also adding all the available offers that I can. Sorry guys, but this is beyond my power, but I am trying my best to do whatever I can to help.



01-08-2006 17:53:31

Aww man. cry


01-08-2006 18:10:10

Sad thing is - I believe this is across the board. I asked Prizebook in a support ticket and they said they are looking into it right now (sigh)


01-08-2006 19:08:09

that sucks, maybe some new offers will come of this?