Anyone have problems w/ instant credits?

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27-07-2006 21:28:44

I've been told by about 4 different referrals of mine that they did instant offers and they were not instant. Before I've never seen this, but all of a sudden they are not going through as fast, anybody know whats up?


27-07-2006 21:47:48

I had someone do an instant offer for me earlier today and it was fine.


27-07-2006 23:45:45

my 2 refs have the same problems


28-07-2006 08:46:36

Thought something was up

Notice Instant Crediting is down and has been since yesterday. Please be pateint, if you did an offer you will be credited as soon as this is fixed.


28-07-2006 09:57:34

Hey man yeah we had the same problem with free4me! Anybody know when it will be fixed?